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Attrition - Smiling at the Hypergonder/Fiftieth Gate (2CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 15th September 2014

Label: Bat Country
Catalogue Number: BC241-11
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Attrition - Smiling at the Hypergonder/Fiftieth Gate


Featuring Attrition’s "Smiling at the Hypogonder" and "Fiftieth Gate". 

SMILING AT THE HYPERGONDER – Originally released in 1985, a blend of cutting edge dancefloor rhythmns and industrial experiments, it was seen by many as classic Attrition. The album featured an expanded line up including Alex Novak (Venus Fly Trap), Pete Morris (later of Psychic TV), and Dutch singer Marianne Teunissen.

After the DIY approach of the first album, “Smiling, at the Hypogonder club” was their first high budget production  - resulting in increased press and radio play. It greatly expanded the bands fanbase.

Original released on the seminal UK industrial label Third Mind records (then also home to Front Line Assembly, In the Nursery, Konstruktivits, Nurse with Wound etc.)

This CD re-issue includes as a bonus both the shrinkwrap 12” single (originally recorded for the cover cassette of the UK’s Electronic Soundmaker magazine) and the reworking of Fusillade (III) from the
 “For your ears only” compilation in 86. 
This edition is totally remastered, with added photos and redesigned artwork by Attrition mainman Martin Bowes


FIFTIETH GATE - In 1987-88 regular vocalist Julia Waller took a break from Attrition… ( briefly joining the Legendary Pink Dots…) Martin teamed up with old friend and veteran punk guitarist Garry Cox to record the nearest Attrition have ever come to producing a “rock” album… a blend of guitars and keyboards mixed with experiments in sampling and early computer sequencing…

Signing to Belgian Antler-Subway records - the duo recorded the album in Brussels with legendary producer Ludo Camberlin  (Neon Judgement, The Weathermen, Lords of Acid et al..).

This CD re-issue includes as a bonus the singles and EP’s that follwed the album over 88-89, including a “New Beat” remix of the song “Haydn” by Jo Casters (originally of Belgian group Poesie Noire)….one of the scene’s founders and leading lights…This edition is totally remastered, with added photos and redesigned artwork by Attrition mainman Martin Bowes.  

Smiling at the Hypogonder - Look out! Hedonist, The Game is Up, Feel the Backlash, Mind Drop, Pendulum Turns, Fusillade part 1, Fusillade part 2, Hallucinator, My Eyes, Fate is smiling, Shrinkwrap, Fusillade part 3

Fiftieth Gate -  Theme I, Haydn (or mine), My Friend Is Golden, Death Truck, Peacemaker, Two Miles Up, Milano (auto-Italian), Interlude, History Man, Theme II, The Fiftieth Gate, Bonus tracks:Haydn (or mine) 12 remix, Lady Look Now Haydn (biding time), Sideways Glance, To the Devil, Take Five, Shotgun Dream, Haydn (the final cut)(New Beat mix)


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