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Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street/I'm Only Human (2CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 25th August 2014

Label: Bat Country
Catalogue Number: BC241-31
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street/I'm Only Human


Features Michael Des Barres "Carnaby Street" and "I'm Only Human".

Carnaby Street - This album may quote from the idioms laid down by Wilson Pickett, Zoot Money and The Rolling Stones, but it is no exercise in retro-stylings. This is very much a piece of the second decade of the 21st century. It may even be Michael Des Barres’s most important work to date. The opening line of the title track immediately sets the tone of the album.:“I was 19 in 1967, on the streets of London. I was in Heaven. I was Oscar Wilde in velvet jeans. Everything you've heard is everything I've seen.” He is adamant that this is not an homage to mid-sixties music, but a contemporary album by a contemporary band presenting songs about that particular time in his life: a time when as a teenager just entering manhood, the world as a whole was celebrating ‘The Summer of Love’.

I'm Only Human - We are overjoyed to be bringing you a re-issue of MDB's debut solo album from way back in 1980; recorded when Michael was a very different fellow to the healthy, happy man he is today.


Carnaby Street

  1. You're My Pain Killer 
  2. Carnaby Street 
  3. Forgive Me 
  4. Sugar 
  5. Route 69 
  6. Please Stay 
  7. Little Latin Lover 
  8. Hot and Sticky 
  9. From Cloud 9 to Heartache 
  10. My Baby Saved My Ass


I'm Only Human

1. Intro (The Weekend) 
2. Baited Breath 
3. I'm Only Human 
4. Someone, Somewhere In The Night 
5. Nothing's Too Hard 
6. Right or Wrong 
7. Dancin' On The Brink of Disaster 
8. Boy Meets Car 
9. Scandal Papers 
10. Five Hour Flight 
11. Catch Phrase 
12. Bullfighter (I'm Not A) 
13. I Don't Have A Thing To Wear 
14. Outro (Jump Into My Car)


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