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Atkins May Project - Valley of Shadows/The Serpents Kiss (2CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 7th July 2014

Label: Bat Country
Catalogue Number: BC241-3
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Atkins May Project - Valley of Shadows/The Serpents Kiss


Featuring Atkins May Project "Valley of Shadows" and "The Serpents Kiss".

Atkins/May Project is the current project led by Al Atkins and Paul May. Al Atkins is a vocalist of rare talent and of course will be known by many as the founder member and original singer with British heavy metal legends Judas Priest. Over the years Al has released a number of solid well received rock albums and some of his earlier songs appear on the first Judas Priest albums.

SERPENTS KISS - Serpents Kiss is the first album to come from the duo and is a mix of traditional heavy metal and a somewhat new direction for Al: Progressive Metal. The album was recorded in early 2011 and features eleven tracks with ten of the tracks being original compositions and the final track a cover of the Kiss song Cold Gin. 

VALLEY OF SHADOWS - This excellent collection of songs see Atkins deliver up some stand out vocal performances and May shred the Axe like the old guitar masters. VALLEY OF SHADOWS offers 10 Killer tracks that burst with melody and Metal mayhem.

You’ll take a journey through what seems to be an evolution of Rock. with all the elements of Classic Hard Rock & Metal, yet retaining an underlying Progressive core, Valley Of Shadows will not disappoint fans of the genre who decide to take the ride!


Serpents Kiss

1. The Shallowing 
2. Traitors Hand 
3. Dream Maker 
4. Can You Hear Me? 
5. Signz 
6. Fight 
7. Judge 
8. Betta Than Twisted 
9. Cold Gin 
10. Theatre of Fools

Valley of Shadows

1. Welcome To The Nightmare 
2. No Ordinary Man 
3. Bitter Waters 
4. Enslaved to Love 
5. Stronger Is The Grace 
6. Harder They Fall 
7. Not Ready to Die 
8. Messiah (Prelude) 
9. Valley of Shadows 
10. The Shallowing 


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