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Galahad - Seize The Day (CD)

Genre: Prog rock
Release Date: 7th April 2014

Label: Avalon
Catalogue Number: GHEP1
Price: £7.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Galahad - Seize The Day

Following on from the release of two critically acclaimed full length albums in 2012 (Battle Scars and Beyond the Realms of Euphoria), Galahad are back again with an EP  ‘Seize the Day’, the first of several which will be released during the coming year.

‘Seize the Day’ has been edited, tweaked and re-mixed by the band and Karl Groom and makes a perfect single, in our opinion of course! It will be available as a download from the band’s website as well from the usual digital on-line platforms such as I-tunes, CD Baby, Amazon etc.

It will be available in physical form as a limited edition CD EP which will also contain the full re-mixed album version as well as a couple of other re-recorded and re-worked Galahad songs:

‘21st Century Painted Lady’ is based upon ‘Painted Lady’ which was one of the first Galahad songs ever written and was first recorded in the mid 1980’s but has now been given a major overhaul and now includes a second verse which should have but didn’t appear on the original version!

‘Bug Eye’, originally from the 1998 album ‘Following Ghosts’ has also been re-worked and brought up to date for 2013. A live version of the original arrangement is also included on the EP.

‘Seize the Day’ should appeal to existing fans of the band as well as those who are intrigued and interested in the band but have yet to dip their toes in to the murky world of Galahad music. 


Track Listing:

1. Seize The Day (Single Version)
2. Seize The Day (Full Version)
3. 21st Century Painted Lady
4. 21st Century Painted Lady (Instr)
5. Bug Eye 2014
6. Bug Eye (Live)

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