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Auburn - Nashville (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 27th January 2014

Label: Scarlet Records
Catalogue Number: SR032CD
Price: £9.99
Available: In stock

Auburn - Nashville

Auburn’s ‘Nashville’ to be released January 27th on Scarlet Records with tour dates supporting Jefferson Starship

Understated and more often than not charming Liz Lenten’s pop styled folk has a beautiful and on occasions a quirky feel” (Flying Shoe)

Fronted by a tremendous vocalist in Liz Lenten, whose influence bears hallmarks of some of the great dreampop singers, but with more singer songwriter approach, the group create mature heartfelt melodies for a new generation” (Morning Star Online)

Well-woven tales with gorgeous melodies – it’s a fine album’ (Ectophiles guide to good music)

One of the break-out releases of 2012, UK acoustic ensemble Auburn's Indian Summer gathered rave reviews worldwide. Featuring singer/songwriter Liz Lenten, Auburn reunited in 2011 after an almost 10-year break while the band members focused on personal projects.

Following live dates in 2012, including The Blue Nile Club in New Orleans, and a 10-date UK tour with legendary psychedelic band JEFFERSON STARSHIP, Liz went back into the studio to write new material. In June 2013 she took her new songs to Nashville TN, to record with award-winning producer THOMM JUTZ, and a collection of Grammy-winning musicians.

Thomm said: ‘Liz approached me about me about producing a record for her earlier this year. Our mutualfriend, master songwriter Gretchen Peters had suggested to Liz that working with me, here in Nashville might bea good idea. Liz and I had some great conversations on the phone and she sent me her songs. I immediately loved the material and the singing - I knew I had to think outside of the box for this project, and that's always a good thing.All the players loved working on this project. They understood that playing freely without stylistic constraints was the order of the day here. Everybody approached these songs with an open mind, especially, Liz - and that isone of the greatest qualities an artist/writer can have. It was a joy to make this record, from beginning to end. It was a creative adventure for all of us and that's when making music is at its most magical.’

Entitled ‘Nashville’, the resulting album’s sonic world showcases Liz’s many and varied musical passions including elements of southern blues, country and jazz, and with influences ranging from Billie Holiday to Bonnie Raitt and Ricki Lee Jones. Choral-director and artist/label manager (Eliza Carthy, Shane Macgowan & Galia Arad) Liz, whose voice has been described as “so sweet it'll make your hair curl” and “husky, with an emotional frailty”, isn't afraid to show her full range of vocal tones or emotions. Her vocals on this album have already been likened to those of Karen Dalton, Dusty Springfield and Norah Jones.

Selected tracks from the album were made available pre-release on ReverbNation, and within a few weeks had reached No.1 in the UK Americana charts and No.7 in Global Americana charts with over 45,000 songplays!

Auburn were delighted to be asked once again to support Jefferson Starship on their forthcoming tour (see dates below).

JAN. 2014

20 St. Albans Albans Arena

21 London The Borderline

23 London, The Borderline

24 Clitheroe The Grand

25 Norwich Epic

26 Skegness Skegness Rock & Blues Fest

28 Wolverhampton Robin 2

29 Bromsgrove The Artrix

31 Frome, Cheese & Grain

FEB. 2014

1  Manchester Academy

2 Hertford Corn Exchange

1. Sitia Bay
2. Letís start over
3. Hurting
4. Crazy people
5. Pride is a thief
6. Butterfly
7. Maybe tonight
8. Full to the brim
9. I would fall down
10. Leaving day
11. If you knew
12. Iím lost
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 Review: AUBURN: Nashville review




Review by G. W. Hill

The mix of sounds here ranges from jazz and folk to country and rock and roll with some pop music thrown in. The vocals are very artsy. I suppose the closest connection vocally would be Bjork, but that’s only so accurate. However you describe this, though, it’s an entertaining, if a bit unusual, album. It’s quite effective and highly recommended.

Track by Track Review
Sitia Bay
There’s a bouncy world music meets folk sound to this with some jazz in the mix. The vocals are understated and yet soulful. This is a great tune with a real old time sound to it. The killer melodic guitar solo brings both some further jazz and some Americana.
Let’s Start Over
More of an energetic rocker, there is still jazz in the mix here. It’s got a real soulful, almost R&B vibe to it, too. The chorus is killer. That chorus has an almost Motown feeling to it.
Although the folk (and to a lesser degree jazz) elements are still here, this is really a slow moving country tune. The slide guitar really brings into a down-home, old school country territory. This is another great song on a disc full of great songs.
Crazy People
Old school rock and roll, art rock and country music blend on this piece. It’s bouncy and fun. They throw a little of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round” in at the end.
Pride Is a Thief
This is very much a mellow pop standard kind of piece. It’s got quite a bit of folk and jazz in the mix. It’s one of the most readily accessible pieces here – and a great tune. It might be my favorite of the set.
Very much a folk song, this has some leanings toward the folk prog movement. It’s also got some hints in the acoustic guitar approach to Led Zeppelin. With the vocals, though, it perhaps lands closer to early Heart. The more energized section mid-track is a nice touch.
Maybe Tonight
Slide guitar brings some more of that country element to the table. This is overall more of a pop meets folk music song, though. It’s bouncy and fun. Of course, that country sound takes over a bit more as the song progresses later.
Full to the Brim
This is another candidate for best track of the CD. An art rock kind of vibe blends with Americana and some cool bluesy rock and roll on this thing. It’s modern and it’s retro and it’s exceptionally tasty.  It’s a slow moving number that just oozes cool and charm.
I Would Fall Down
The slide guitar is back, and so are the country music elements. This is a fairly slow moving number that has a real gospel feel to it.
Leaving Day
Based on intricate acoustic guitar, this is a fairly gentle folk song.
If You Knew
This shuffling little number has an old-time pop and jazz sound. It’s a classy piece. It’s also fun.
I'm Lost
Very much a slow moving old school country song, this still has some old-time rock and roll and some jazz in the mix.

CD - £9.99

Indian Summer
CD - £9.99

 Review: Auburn US review

Auburn: Nashville
Auburn is a UK band that loves the music emanating from America's blues and country sound, especially the city of Nashville. In fact,Nashville is the name of their latest album release. 
Auburn is lead by the unique pop vocals of Liz Lenten. The band includes Thomm Jutz, the band's producer and guitar player; Lynn Williams, on percussion; Mark Fain, on bass; Barry Walsh, on piano and organ; Terry Crisp, on pedal steel guitar; and Britt Savage on harmony vocals. The band has an exciting past, with many of these band members resumes full of some of Nashville's best performers including Roy Orbison, Joan Osborne, Robert Cray, Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Martina Mc Bride, and Garth Brooks, among a long list of famous country stars. 
The band returned to recording in 2012 with Indian Summer, and now follows that critically acclaimed return with Nashville. Their return followed a 10 date UK tour alongside the legendary Jefferson Starship. 
Liz Lenten's vocals do not match traditional country music expectations, and that is the nice surprise with this music. It is as if Kate Bush was to sing some country or folk sounding melodies. Her faint but higher pitched sound is just the ticket to give this music the unique sound it needs. The first track "Sitia Bay" is a great blues number that is probably my album favourite. Most of the other tracks contain a country or folksy feel, with British influences permeating. The twang is there, but it is not overwhelming. "Full to the Brim" is another excellent bluesy track. 
I am not a country music fan in any way. But Auburn's music does not comfortably fit in the traditional country mould. This album is more like modern country rock with a pop singer at the helm. I actually enjoyed this album and it opened my ears to listen to some modern country music. 
Track Listing: 
1. Sitia Bay 
2. Let's start over 
3. Hurting 
4. Crazy People 
5. Pride is a Thief 
6. Butterfly 
7. Maybe Tonight 
8. Full to the Brim 
9. I Would Fall Down 
10. Leaving Day 
11. If You Knew 
12. I'm Lost 
Added: April 28th 2014
Reviewer: Mark Johnson
Hits: 20
Language: english
CD - £9.99

Indian Summer
CD - £9.99

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