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Steve Hillage - Live in England 1979 (CD)

Release Date: 3rd June 2013

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST129CD
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Steve Hillage - Live in England 1979

Steve Hillage first came to prominence as a member of the multi-national rock band Gong.  Steve appeared on successful albums such as Angels Egg, You and his final album with the band Sharmal.  Steve recorded his first solo album in 1975 entitled Fish Rising.  This album was recorded whilst still a member of Gong.  Shortly after, however, Steve and his partner Miquette Giraudy left Gong, embarking on a career that continues to this day under the name System Seven.

In 1976 Steve recorded the album L with Todd Rundgren producing.  The album was a huge success and Steve subsequently formed the Steve Hillage Band, which included former Jethro Tull drummer Clive Bunker and future Camel  bassist Colin Bass.  The band made its live debut at the Hyde Park concert staged by Queen in September 1976.  Following the live debut the band toured extensively during 1979. This DVD captures a stunning performance by this great line-up of the band.

The track listing of this fabulous performance from the first Steve Hillage Band includes: Salmon Song, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Solar Musick Suite, Lunar Musick Suite, It`s All Too Much, (Lunar Musick Suite)/ It's All Too Much II, Aftaglid Pt. I, Elecktrick Gypsies, Not Fade Away.

The CD comes with a bonus DVD, which also includes an exclusive interview filmed at Steve and Miquette’s studio in London in January 2007 where Steve and Miquette discuss the Steve Hillage Band, and also the recording of their albums.   

Disc 1
1. Salmon Song
2. Unzipping The Zype
3. Hurdy Gurdy Man
4. 1988 Activator
5. Unidentified (flying being)
6. It's All Too Much
7. Radio
8. Light in the Sky
9. Interview 2006

Disc 2
1. BONUS DVD - Salmon Song
2. Unzipping the Zype
3. Hurdy Gurdy Man
4. 1988 Activator
5. Unidentified (flying being)
6. It's All Too Much
7. Radio
8. Light in the Sky
9. Interview 2006



In 2006, at a convention held in Amsterdam aroundGong and its planets, fans were able to find Steve Hillage in two of his former training, representative of a certain vision of the Psychedelic in the seventies.Nostalgic of the past, yet the man seemed to have finally turned the corner and struck Gong Steve Hillage Band and its present and future projects.However, the pleasure of seeing old companions and a directory of the time had rekindled the flame. 

The possibility of a new solo album in the spirit of the time was quickly raised. Recent publications CDs / DVDs "  Live at the Gong Family Unconvention November Two Thousand and Six - The Melkweg Amsterdam  " and "  Live in England 1979  " seem to support the idea of a close result. Although excellent, the "  Live in England in 1979  " would clearly disappointed without all bonus. Forty-three minutes, less than half a concert, can not restore in part the general atmosphere of the moment. For cons, the judicious choice of six outstanding securities, extracts of five albums, ideally puts the artist and the book value while emphasizing the constant evolution of his music between 1974 and 1979. "  Salmon Song  " extends the Gong "  You  " the times "  Hurdy Gurdy Man  " and "  It's All Too Much  " show can be a Pop-Rock changing established and recognized Psychedelic English spiced with a touch of American Progressive "  Unzipping the Zipper  " and "  Unidentified  " skillfully combines Space-Funk Rock "  Activator 1988  " states that Punk can be interpreted with art and technology. All this is done with a great quintet. Guitars and synthesizers create trippy atmospheres on which the Master singing and especially his guitar mania.The rhythm is strong, supported and funky. 

Only the song of meowing Miquette Giraudy , yet original and rewarding for all, is still underutilized. bonuses bring more indisputable. Recorded live in 1977 in the wake of the album "  L  " , the show twice as Steve Hillage has always left ample room for improvisation. At the time,Khan and Gong remain still in memory, despite the recent collaboration with Todd Rundgren . In this context, "  Electric Gypsies  " deserves special attention.Performed for a video clip, the two times of "  Motivation Radio  " on DVD are also worth visiting. Conducted in 2006, the final interview traces the artist's career and explains his choices, desired or required by the circumstances. A question remains, however topical  : what was and what is still the role of Miquette Giraudy the adventure  ? Presents at his side throughout the interview, which follows from the epic Gong, co-authored, co- , plays and sings, never speaks for itself. A long habit of discretion  ! She comes here incidentally in the discussion, merely support or briefly clarify some facts. Finally, despite some misleading title, this CD / DVD advise. It will appeal to fans of Steve Hillage, Space-Rock guitarists and outsized.CD (58'57) & DVD (86'31)  :



Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99


The latest piece of work for The Ancient One to review is something that fans of the guitarist will certainly be glad to see, or should that be, hear? The guitarist in question is Steve Hillage and the latest release is a CD/DVD package entitledLive in England 1979.

I first came across Steve Hillage when he released an album under the name of Uriel (Arzachel 1969) and then again, as Khan (Space Shanty 1972), neither band was around for the long term, and he was soon off to join The Kevin Ayers Band, and then Gong, before becoming a solo artist in 1975. The album under review this week is a rare live album from the Steve Hillage Band, entitled, Live in England 1979, with bonus live material from 1977. The band featuring on Live in England 1979 is Steve Hillage (guitars and vocals,) Miquette Girandy (synthesizers and vocals), John McKenzie (bass and vocals), Andy Anderson (drums) and Dave Stewart (2nd guitar.)

Live in England 1979 is an 8 track album clocking in at around 59 minutes, with the fourth track, “1988 Activator,” the shortest at 2:37 minutes and track 5, “Unidentified (Flying Being)” the longest at 10:07 minutes.

I am always a bit apprehensive upon hearing that the album for review is a live recording, and more so when the date is so far back, but there have been some crackers of live recordings, and the idea that more live material is being made available is also a plus point. Highlights from the album, which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to, would be “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” “1988 Activator” and “Electric Gypsies.”

The original “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” was a huge hit record for Donovan in 1968, and on Live in England 1979, we have the Steve Hillage cover version of the song. This version of “Hurdy Gurdy Man” (7:26) is a little different from the 1968 version and starts with a set of soaring synthesizer washes and a stunning guitar over the top, setting the scene for the track which sees the drums, bass and voice putting in appearances around the 1:15 minute point. The vocals are very clear and follow the original vocal line carefully, but the synths and guitar continue to weave behind the vocal until at just after 3 minutes, Steve lets go with the guitar and lets rip with some excellent playing. This is more of a live jam section which drives the song along and back into a chorus, just prior to the 5 minute mark. The track then moves into a more rhythmical pulse with the synth to the fore, before the guitar of Steve takes off and flies again, taking the track soaring to its finale.

Track 4, “1988 Activator” (2:37) is a straightforward out and out rocker which is very reminiscent of the sound of Hawkwind, but also, I thought, touched on Plastic Bertrand and even The Ramones. A short track which really never stops to draw breath, but blasts along, from the short guitar intro to the driving bass and drums, and odd synth squeaks, then on to the inspired guitar solo midway through and finally, a return to a quick chorus and it is off.

The final track, “Electric Gypsies” (6:23) is noticeably a different quality (as is track 7, “Hurdy Gurdy Glissando”) and is a bonus item, still live, but from a concert two years earlier. There is more of a crispness to the mix but the music on offer follows the superb content of the previous tracks. Synths, guitar, drums and bass generate a terrific start to the track before the vocals come in, with interesting lyrics, and the track motors along, with just enough hooks to keep your attention. Just after the 2 minute mark, my impression is that the musical passage touches on the “tongue in cheek” before merging back into the opening passages. Steve’s guitar is constantly throwing in little riffs until at 4 minutes there is a change in tempo with the rhythm engine maintaining a steady foundation, allowing Miquette on synths and Steve on guitar to step forward and show what they can do, before Steve takes center stage to take the track out.
I did make the point about my apprehension of live albums, but this is one of the exceptions, and is an excellent hour of music. Admittedly the sound is slightly muffled, but not distracting, although to include the earlier live material as bonus tracks, accentuates the difference in the sound quality. Live in England 1979 is a thoroughly enjoyable album, capturing Steve Hillage (and band) delivering a terrific live gig. Followers of Steve Hillage will snatch up copies of this release and I do think that it will add a few more followers to the earlier sound of Steve Hillage.


Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99


Steve Hillage should all prog-infected space rock fans primarily for his work as guitarist with a legend of the genre, Gong to be known. The solo career under his own name first started out quite successful, but ultimately was Hillage another prominent victim of the creative decline of progressive rock.  Precisely for this phase are the recordings of "Live In England 1979", in the context of the then BBC television series' Rock Goes to College 'were transferred simultaneously in the auditorium of the University of Kent live on TV and radio. There had Hillage himself - as he proclaims in the welcome - some years previously studied.
1979 emerged as these recordings was Hillage apparently - as so many established artists - under the impression of that time dramatically changing musical landscape. So attracted punk, wave and funk into his compositions and expanded its space rock is not always to the delight of supporters.The (colored) rhythm section at the time of recording was the 'black' Groove certainly contrary. Great influence exercised probably Hillages partner, the synthesizer specialist Miquette Giraudy , from which more clearly later pretended the electronic direction.
As pleasing as the publication of these rare recordings is so disappointing is sound and picture quality. Well, in the latter case one can immediately push more eyes, because the then technical standard was not too much more. The grisseligen images nourish the rather promising vintage nostalgia factor of the material. The relatively few cameras are not necessarily a disadvantage, because it will allow long shots without too hectic cuts. Hardly acceptable is the dull, almost musty sound quality especially with the CD - because you will not be distracted by the film footage - beech ugly strikes. Sorry, but here you would necessarily have to undergo the master tapes of editing!
The "Salmon Song" from the 1975 solo debut "Fish Rising" represents a fantastic, very 'space-strength' entry, which can literally bounce in your head the salmon. "Unzipping The Zype" is also compelling.
Donovan's Flower Power hippie anthem "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (as a bonus on the CD or in an equally appealing 'Glissando' version) clearly belongs to the credit side of "Live In England 1979'.
Unfortunately, then shredded the hitherto recognizable 'red line' something. The Punk Song "1988 Activator" clearly belongs to the species 'What is this, dammit?'. The following "Unidentified (Flying Being)" is okay, but falls with his danceable funk-rock-jazz duly note from the frame. The Beatles cover of "It's All Too Much" you can also into the category of 'nice' sort (is there anything worse?). During the entire musical examination, however, the sound quality initially described must be considered!
The bonus material on the CD as well as DVD you can call in order. Here mainly provide "Radio" and "Light In The Sky" (within the BBC program 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' recorded) with great camera angles, great sound effects and a real value. A good half-hour interview with Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy complete the additional offering.
Many of Steve Hillage fans will be delighted by the publication of this hitherto unpublished photographs. This is exactly what should be 'Live In England 1979 "the clear target group. However, the weaknesses of the sound quality are striking. This should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.
Steve Hillage (vocals, guitars, synthesizers)
Miquette Giraudy (synthesizer, vocals),
Andy Anderson (drums),
John McKenzie (bass, vocals),
Dave Stewart (guitars, glissando guitar, vocals)
Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99



Steve Hillage: Live In England 1979
Stephen Simpson Hillage was born on August 2, 1951 in Chingford near London. He studied philosophy and history at the University of Kent in Canterbury. There he met Dave Stewart of Eurythmics yes, and they were in the band that Uriel was baptized, but without much success.
A dozen later, more specifically on February 28, 1979, years, singer-guitarist Steve Hillage again at the University of Canterbury, this time to make. Both on record and in live video recordings And again there was Dave Stewart as a second guitarist involved. The band was completed with Miquette Giraudy (synthesizer, vocals), John McKenzie (bass) and Andy Anderson (drums).
'Live In England 1979 is offered as a CD / DVD to the potential buyer. For the enthusiast, this is a bargain, but I have mixed feelings. We have the first DVD in the charger pushed and you can clearly see that this once were video recordings. We're not there a fuss about it, because the quality was now determined not irritating bad.
To track six (It's All Too Much) are CD and DVD similar. The band is announced by the former legendary "Big L" disc jockey Pete Drummond. Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" starts very promising and it's Dave Stewart that the song keeps on his feet, because Steve Hillage itself is quite amazing to time.
The hyperkinetic Activator '1988 'has a kind of Chuck Berry's guitar intro but soon bogged down in endless pounding party. As a bonus we get a DVD interview from 2006. But there is the CD then two live recordings dating from 1977 and you will not find on the DVD. And precisely those tracks we find the best track back, namely the valve 'Electrick Gypsies', making the package 'Live In England' somewhat true in its entirety above average.
Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99



Steve Hillage Rocking Kent University

Steve Hillage - Live In England 1979
Steve Hillage – Live In England 1979
Steve Hillage
Live In England 1979 (Gonzo MultiMedia UK, 2013)
Live In England 1979 is a double disc set by British innovator Steve Hillage. The CD and DVD collection presents a concert at the University of Kent by Steve Hillage on guitars and vocals, Miquette Giraudy on synthesizer, vocals; John McKenzie on bass, vocals; Andy Anderson on drums; and Dave Stewart on 2nd guitar.
Throughout the years, Steve Hillage’s music has crossed numerous boundaries. He is one of the great pioneers of psychedelic music, jam rock and cutting edge electronica. Live In England 1979 focuses on his rockish and funk rock side with high energy versions of pieces from several of his solo albums. For the progressive music fan, the most captivating CD tracks are the bonus recordings Hurdy Gurdy Glissando” (live 1977) and “Electrick Gypsies” (live 1977), recorded with the ‘L‘ tour line-up.
Likewise, the best material on the DVD are the bonus tracks “Radio” and “Light in the Sky” (from the album ‘Motivation Radio‘) and a lengthy more recent interview with Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy.
The band featured on Live In England 1979 is the same line-up that recorded some of the live tracks and the studio side of Steve’s 1979 release Live Herald. “This was a great performance from another fine period of my band in the late ’70s with John McKenzie on bass and Andy Anderson on drums,” says Steve Hillage.
Steve Hillage earned a great reputation as a member of the multinational psychedelic rock band Gong. He appeared on iconic albums such as ‘Angels Egg‘ (1973), ‘You‘ (1974) and his final album with the band ‘Shamal‘ (1976).
Steve Hillage recorded his first solo album in 1975 titled ‘Fish Rising‘. This album was made while still a member of Gong. Shortly after however, Steve Hillage and his partner Miquette Giraudy left Gong.
In 1976 Steve recorded the album ‘L‘, produced by American rock icon Todd Rundgren. The album was a tremendous success and Steve Hillage consequently formed the first Steve Hillage Band that included former Jethro Tull drummer Clive Bunker and future Camel bassist Colin Bass. The band made its live debut at the Hyde Park concert staged by Queen in September 1976.
From 1976 to 1979, Steve Hillage released several critically acclaimed rock and space music albums and toured the world. Following the live debut of a new line-up, the Steve Hillage Band toured extensively throughout 1979.
Steve Hillage is currently involved in various parallel music projects, including System 7, Mirror System, and Steve Hillage Band. System 7 and Japanese psychedelic progressive jam-band ROVO will be releasing a new CD in September 2013.
Buy Live In England 1979 in North America
Buy Live In England 1979 in Europe


ImageSteve Hillage is a well-known author, the legendary guitarist, producer taken (including CDs Simple Minds and Robin Hitchcock), co-founder of the group's success Gong, as well as one of the pioneers of avant-garde rock mainstream, identified with the so-called. Canterbury scene, but also one of the pioneers of new age style. He worked in a number of formations, including groups Egg, Khan and System 7, but is also the author of numerous albums under his own name. The most famous of them being released in 1976, "L", which Hillage worked with Todd Rundgren, and on a long European tour, which was a summary of a spectacular concert in London's Hyde Park, then hired in his band including drummer Jethro Tull, Clive Bunker and bassist Colin Bass, who later became famous as a very important figure in the group Camel. In the years 1976-1979, considered to be the most interesting from an artistic point of view, a period in his solo activities, Steve Hillage released several hugely popular albums (including "Motivation Radio", "Green", "Open") and took a world tour which now, after many years, is documented by reliable in such cases label Gonzo Multimedia . She let it just for the CD + DVD release entitled "Live In England 1979".

It contains a record of the concert, which took place on 28 February 1979 at the University of Kent. Interestingly, a few years earlier, Steve Hillage was a student of this school, so it was a kind of sentimental return. "Rock Goes To College" ... This string often appears on the screen anyway during this show. Steve and his team performed the following songs: "Salmon Song", "Unzipping The Zype", "Hurdy Gurdy Man", "1988 Activator" , "Unidentified Flying Being" and "It's All Too Much." This latter is a composition of George Harrison posted by The Beatles on the "Yellow Submarine". The picture quality is good, but the camera work and visuals is not a knock. Well, these were the standards and technical means at their disposal 35 years ago. Most importantly, the atmosphere in the audience was hot, and even on the stage Hillage'a team wrote down very well. As a bonus CD version contains two live recordings ("Hurdy Gurdy Glissando" and "Electrick Gypsies") in 1977, and so the DVD version - the next two songs, and actually clips to "Radio" and "Light In The Sky" and recently conducted an interview with Steve Hillage and Miquette Girandy that in the 70s not only played in a band with keyboardist Steve, but it has been a life partner. From the interview, we learn among other things, that Steve currently composes new material, which will be released in 2014 or 2015 years for the new album Steve Hillage Band. Both the album "Live In England 1979" and this is very good news will be delighted by all the fans of this famous guitarist.



Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99






Steve Hillage: Live in England 1979

Progressive/Psychedelic/Space Rock
Website (Label) Facebook 
Gonzo Multimedia
by Craig Hartranft,  08.02.2013
Gonzo Multimedia offers us a glimpse into guitarist Steve Hillage's early solo career with this vintage recording and film Live in England 1979. The title is more than a little general in it's description. This CD/DVD recording is actually from the BBC's Rock Goes to College series with Hillage and band performing at the University of Kent in Canterbury (where Hillage studied for a short time).
Steve Hillage Band Photo
Steve Hillage: back in the day.
Steve Hillage - Live in England 1979 Album ReviewMy first experience with Hillage came with 1976's L, produced by the legendary Todd Rundgren. (At the time I was collecting most anything Rundgren was recording or producing). Having little experience with his previous band Gong, Hillage's psychedelic space prog rock ran rings around my brain, but it did love his clever guitar work.
Live in England 1979 gives you both the audio and visual experience of Hillage's experimentation with aforementioned styles but also working jazz and funk grooves as found within Unzipping the Zype. It's also an interesting look into the early use synthesizers in rock music. Those used by long time partner and collaborator Miquette Giraudy take up a massive amount of stage presence.
The concert includes some Hillage standards like the popular Salmon Song and the George Harrison penned It's All Too Much. It also includes Hillage's interpretation of Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man, a song I have never liked no matter who's playing it. Better is the Hillage-Giraudy Hurdy Gurdy Glissando, which occurs as a bonus track from a 1977 recording.
Both the CD and DVD include the Rock Goes to College gig, but differ in bonus material. The CD also includes Electrick Gypsies, another 1977 recording. The DVD adds Radio and Light in the Sky from Motivation Radio, and a 2007 interview with Hillage and Giraudy discussing the band's career.
Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99



steve-hillage_live-in-englandHe was never as progressive as Steve Howe or as pretty as Peter Frampton, but Steve Hillage is an interesting British guitar player who has never gotten the attention or due he deserves. Associated most frequently with England’s “Canterbury Scene,” a group of musicians somewhat on the periphery of what the scores of other British musicians, from Yes to Humble Pie, were doing, Hillage was his own man and never enjoyed the success, especially on American radio, that so many of his contemporaries got. He did gain some acclaim as a member of Gong, but it was short-lived.
On the new CD/DVD set Live In England 1979, fans of progressive and British rock who had been unaware of Hillage can now check him out after a relatively long period of obscurity. With a band that owed as much to what was happening in American rock as much as to the British prog rock scene, Hillage performed material in this live show at the University of Kent that was written largely by him and longtime companion/keyboardist Miquette Giraudy, though he wasn’t afraid to cover fellow countrymen like George Harrison (“It’s All Too Much”) and Donovan (“Hurdy Gurdy Man”).
Hillage also is known as a producer for such acts as Simple Minds and Robyn Hitchcock, but he’s really a guitar player at heart and it shows on this set. For those who are looking for a new (albeit old) talent to be introduced to, or get a kick out of good musicians stuck with bad video footage on the DVD, Live In England 1979 is a good bet.

Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99

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