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W.O.F - Search the Truth (CD)

Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14th May 2012

Label: Galileo Records
Catalogue Number: GLR108CD
Price: £7.99
Available: In stock

W.O.F - Search the Truth

W.O.F is born out of the will to show a realistic vision of the severely suffering world. Being a rock group - at least in the wider sense of the term -W.O.F came into existence in 2011. The driving force was Olivier Guenat (multi-instrumentalist and songwriter) who took Steve Rumo (piano and keyboards and co-songwriter) and Frédéric Charmillot (drummer and arranger) on board. Two further professional musicians, namely Thierry Guillod (bass guitarist and arranger) and Dany Martin (guitarist and also arranger) followed swiftly thereafter.

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in the Studio 108, W.O.F has created a truly individual and discernible mix of various styles and influences such as classical music, English pop, French chansons and rock - just to name a few. The result is a subtle and at the same time thundering rock, melodic and then again robotic.

The key track Search The Truth, with its sinister but still hopeful text, is witness of the deep desire for a radical change in the attitude and the way of thinking about the world - a world that is in the course of losing its last values...


1. Beginning of the end
2. World of freedom
3. I've woken up at last
4. Nothingness
5. Search the truth
6. Just a dream
7. Moment of doubt
8. Like a shadow
9. I shall never understand
10. Aria
11. Concerto pour hautbois (fa mineur)
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