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Galia Arad - Ooh La Baby (CD)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Release Date: 7th November 2011

Label: Scarlet Records
Catalogue Number: SR026CD
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Galia Arad - Ooh La Baby

Galia Arad is a New-York-City-based singer/songwriter from Bloomington, Indiana, whose classical-musician parents and classical voice training steered her directly into the arms of rock ‘n’ roll. She plays venues all over New York City and has also toured Ireland and Japan - where she not only gigged, but was the first-place winner of sake chugging contest and runner up of a wet kimono contest! As for her less impressive accomplishments, she is the winner of Songwriter Hall of Fame's Abe Olman award for Excellence in Songwriting, and winner of The Great American Song competition. Galia, with much noise, has also caught the attention of one of her music idols, Shane MacGowan, who wrote the liner notes for her sophomore album Ooh La Baby, and is featured on two tracks - one of which is to be released as a single in the UK. Also featured on her folk/pop album is guitar legend Marc Ribot - who simply describes Galia as a “fucking good songwriter”; Bashiri Johnson, Elvis Costello's rhythm section, and many other musicians that she loves to brag about. What the media said…

'Charming, sexy and, oh yes, pretty ballsy too, Arad is an intriguing artist.' - Music Connection Magazine

"All she needs is a few good musicians and the right producer (like me for closers) and she'll be as rich, powerful and free as me, and Joey and everything that's full of shit should be…..Now LISTEN!" - Shane MacGowan

'Galia Arad is a New York treasure' - Mandy Wilczynski, RedRoverStyle.com

'Refreshing. Brash. Honest and unpredictable. Those are just some of the words that describe Galia Arad.' -Kenny Kerner, Taxi Music


Galia & Shane MacGowan – Four leaf Lover Boy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqPQgTjVlJg galiaarad.com myspace.com/songsfromthedogpound twitter.com/GaliaArad

1. I Must Have You
2. Ooh La La
3. Something Sweet
4. Donít Go
5. Four Leaf Lover Boy
6. Dadís Intro
7. Will I Be Loved (By You
8. Better Than Bonnie
9. Youíre Always There
10. Moms Intro
11. Dear Friend
12. Gypsy Boy
13. Full Oh Sh*t
14. Tonight I Found The Blues


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