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Hardboiled Wonderland - As Small As A World As Large As Alone (CD)

Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: 20th June 2011

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST077CD
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Hardboiled Wonderland - As Small As A World As Large As Alone

Hardboiled Wonderland - As Small As A World And Large As Alone.

The debut 10-track album is a sonic venture through electronic and trip-hop compositions written by Martin Birke (synths, samples, electronic percussion, drum programming) & Percy
Howard (lyrics, vocals, vocal samples).

Recorded & produced with Christopher Scott Cooper (guitars, samples and engineering) at Blue Seven Audio from 2009-2010 with contributions by Benito Cortez (viola, violins), Edo Castro (7-string basses) with backing vocals by Tara C. Taylor and essence.

From the sultry, emotionally charged title track to the infectious dance beats of ‘Jungle Fever’ and ‘Looking for Strange’, the trip-hop of ‘Filthy’ and ‘I Carry Your Heart’, the album plays
unfolds bold, delicate and introspective. Birke & Howard met several times in the mid 90’s. Birke’s band Sandbox Trio often opened for Howard’s band NUS in their hometown Sacramento, CA.

In 2009 they began work as a songwriting duo with co-producer Christopher Scott Cooper in Fremont, CA. at Cooper’s studio - Blue Seven Audio. As songs began to take shape they felt the band name best described the style of the music they produced and happened to be half the title of a favourite novel by Haruki Murakami (Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World). After a year writing and recording a collection of songs including a remix by the late great bassist Mick Karn (Japan, Dalis Car), which is available on the band’s official website as a download, Birke & Howard felt they had truly created a wonderland of modern music that brings the listener into themselves and out into the exploration of new eclectic music.

1. Filthy
2. As Small As A World and As Large As Alone
3. Jungle Fever
4. I Carry Your Heart
5. From The Inside Out
6. Looking For Strange
7. Little Queen of Spades
8. Storm Queen
9. Candy For The Meatman
10. A Forever Thing


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