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Vanilla Fudge - When Two Worlds Collide (CD)

Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4th May 2011

Catalogue Number: 250206
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Vanilla Fudge - When Two Worlds Collide


With the


Orchestra conducted by JAMES DOMAINE


Vanilla Fudge were one of the bestselling album Rock acts of the late Sixties, widely acknowledged as being pioneers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and inspiring groups like Deep Purple in the process. Their best known track, a dramatic reworking of Motown classic “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”, gave them a major hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Their unique psychedelic variant of Classic Rock, consisting of trademark epic and complex arrangements of hits, proved a successful formula that has sustained a worldwide fan base for nearly 40 years.


In 2004 Vanilla Fudge embarked on another ambitious and prestigious project; the live recording of their biggest hits, backed by a full-blown Symphony Orchestra. The San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra was approached because of its reputation for harboring the region’s most outstanding instrumentalists and for performing programs that feature not only the traditional symphonic repertoire, but also adventurous contemporary works. The Orchestra is piloted by Maestro James Domine, a conductor with a powerful drive who is known to both challenge and satisfy the intellect of his demanding audiences. The result; “When Two Worlds Collide”, is another milestone in Vanilla Fudge’s already prestigious list of achievements throughout the lengthy musical career of the band.

"Back in the late Sixties, there were few organists who could play like Jon Lord. We shared the same taste in music. We loved Vanilla Fudge - they were our heroes. They used to play London's Speakeasy and all the hippies used to go there to hang out – Clapton, the Beatles - everybody went there to pose. According to legend, the talk of the town during that period was Jimi Hendrix, but that's not true. It was Vanilla Fudge. They played eight-minute songs, with dynamics. People said, "What the hell's going on here? How come it's not three minutes?" Tim Bogert, their bassist, was amazing. The whole group was ahead of its time. So, initially we wanted to be a Vanilla Fudge clone." RITCHIE BLACKMORE (When still a member of DEEP PURPLE). 

01. Overture
02. Good Livin'
03. Take Me For A Little While
04. Ain't That Peculiar
05. People Get Ready
06. Shotgun
07. Tearing Up My Heart
08. She's Not There
09. You Keep Me Hangin' On
10. Season Of The Witch
11. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
12. I Need Love
13. You Can't Do That


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