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Shuttleworth - England's Heartbeat (CDS)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 7th June 2010

Label: Chic Ken
Catalogue Number: YIPYOP001
Price: £3.99
Available: In stock

Shuttleworth - England's Heartbeat

Yes, it's true, the singer songwriter of long -ime music refuseniks  The Fall, Mark E. Smith has written a World Cup song with ex-Fall member and collaborator Ed Blaney and Jenny Shuttleworth (aka Girl Peculiar), and here it is in all its emotive glory.  A world cup song with a Salfordian slant.

''This is not 1974, this is not 1976, you are not at Stamford Bridge, but you are on a Boer Ridge.''

It invokes English players to "take care of the invention of your nation", "socks up at last or be a brazilian breakfast".

It's even got a rousing chorus and a tune to win the world cup for and a hard-edged twist at the end.  It'll frighten the wits out of the old enemy too.

Witty and impassioned it's an appeal for a show of pride from England in South Africa, "remember the pitch in December", gone should be the days of England teams wilting in the June sunshine and acting like a bunch of big girls' blouses.  This is possibly the greatest world cup record ever; it's England's Heartbeat, sent from heaven.

Englands Heartbeat
England's Heartbeat (Instrumental)
England's Heartbeat (Alternative mix)


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