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Steel Pulse - Door Of No Return (DVD)

Genre: Reggae
Release Date: 11th February 2008

Label: Wiseman Doctrine
Catalogue Number: WMDMDVD11
Price: £10.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Steel Pulse - Door Of No Return

Steel Pulse first came together at school where the original members decided to form a band. The band was originally from in Handsworth,  Birmingham, UK, and in 1975 and quickly secured a one-off singles deal with Anchor Records. The release wasn't really representative of the band's future sound or direction, however, being more a pop song, and whilst the band has explored a number of different styles over the years, they are perhaps best known as Britain's Premier reggae band.

The band attracted attention through their extensive gig schedule, which became even busier when punk hit its stride in 1977. Steel Pulse also performed at many Rock Against Racism gigs during this period.

Signing to Island Records in 1978 they released their debut album Handsworth Revolution, which also featured the hit single Ku Klux Klan, which has stayed in the band's live set to this day.

As stated, initially Steel Pulse started out playing concerts with punk bands as part of the Rock Against Racism movement, which was popular in the late seventies.  However, subsequent releases and touring took the band further afield than the UK and particularly to America where they were to follow up their Grammy win of 1986 with a further nomination for a Grammy award for the album African Holocaust in 2004.

Steel Pulse has released a number of albums over the years and amongst the key albums are Handsworth Revolution, Earth Crisis, The Grammy-award-nominated album African Holocaust and the Grammy-award-winning Babylon The Bandit. The band was also invited to play at Bill Clinton's presidential inauguration in 1993.

Door of No Return, whilst being a track from the successful and 2004 Grammy-nominated album African Holocaust, is also the title of an in-depth documentary about the hugely successful British Reggae band. The film includes concert performances alongside interviews that give insight to the band many consider the greatest Reggae band in the world.

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