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Anthony Phillips - Wildlife (CD)

Genre: Instrumental
Release Date: 21st April 2008

Label: Floating World
Catalogue Number: VP435CD
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Anthony Phillips - Wildlife

Creatures of the Magic Water - Opening Theme
Green Hell
Jaguar and the Terrapin
Flooded Forest
Hidden Shadow
River God
Secrets of the Amazon
Killing Grounds
River Dolphins
Faces in the Forest
Final Journey
Onza - Eater of Souls
Relentless Sun - in Half-Drowned Lands
Serengeti Jigsaw - Opening Theme
Massacre of the Termites
Web of the Spider Monkey - Opening Theme
Island of Stone
Courting Chameleons
Dusty Track
Fathomless Caverns
Storm Breaks
Morning Call
Autumn Dusk
Bears of Kamchatka - Opening Theme
In the Tundra
Across the Frozen Wastes
Mother of the Moon
Jurassic Shark - Opening Theme
Ray's Song
Voyage of the Whale Shark
The Only Good Shark is a Dead One
Back Through Time - Under the Ocean
Jurassic Shark - Closing Theme
Midway : Island of Life - Opening Theme
Dolphins at Play
Mysteries of the Wreck
Sunset Flight
Fight to the Death
From the Jaws of Death - Touching the Face of God


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