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Radio Stars - Something For The Weekend (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 3rd March 2008

Label: Radiant Future
Catalogue Number: RFVP010CD
Price: £7.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Radio Stars - Something For The Weekend

Formed in the seventies and disbanded before the end of that decade for dental reasons, Radio Stars emerged from the tail-end of glam to seize the punk reins with abandon, albeit without the po-faced rigidity of their peers. Writer/bassist Martin Gordon was in the Kimono-My -House-era Sparks and had then formed Jet with singer Andy Ellison.

The first Radio Stars single Dirty Pictures was championed by John Peel; their first EP, inspired by Germans and entitled Stop It contained two tunes that were to become legendary live favourites: No Russians in Russia and Johnny Mekon. Their first album Songs For Swinging Lovers was described as 'sticking out from the fetid morass of garage bands on fly-by-night labels like Nureyev's whatsit through his leotard’, which seems to sum it up rather well.

They toured endlessly, audiences invaded the stage, they even had a minor hit as well as gaining critical acclaim. Tickets for the shows were printed with the slogan ‘no riff-raff’ - no matter, the riff-raff turned up in droves, eager to get an earful of the band and an eyeful of Gordon’s soft-porn model girlfriend who would stand obtrusively at the side of the stage.

Their second album, Holiday Album also contained gems of pop for grown-ups, but the writing was on the wall, and molars were being ground down. Exhausted by touring continuously, the band broke up and re-formed the following day without bassist/writer Martin Gordon. The rest is history.

Radio Stars back catalogue was recently re-released (by Ace Records), and a live CD came out in March 2008  (Something for the Weekend) and then, in an effort to Make Poverty History and to help rid the civilised world of all the carbon dioxide that Sting pumps out, they agreed to re-form for one night and one night only, on March 1st 2008. The venue was the Blow Up club in Oxford Street, London.

And FREE with the first 1000 copies: Martin Gordon live in Boston 2007: 'Hello Boston!'

Nervous Wreck
No Russians in Russia
Johnny Mekon
Elvis is Dead Boring
Is It Really Necessary?
The Beast of Barnsley
Box 29
Dirty Pictures
From a Rabbit
Good Personality
Shaking All Over
Bonus tracks - Throwaway (studio)
My Mother Said
Two Minutes Mr Smith (studio)
Hello Boston! Martin Gordon - free with first 1000 copies - Head in a Coup
Miracle Baby
Love Power
The Captain of the Pinafore
The Joy of More Hogwash
Cover Girl
No Russians in Russia
It's a Wonderful Life
Bang Your Head
Anyway Goodbye
Bonus track - The Captain of the Pinafore (live radio)


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