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The Tornadoes - Now And Then (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 12th May 2008

Label: Crossfire
Catalogue Number: 9501-2
Price: £7.99
Available: In stock

The Tornadoes - Now And Then

New from Crossfire Publications...a new Tornadoes CD...Now and Then.  Contains a generous serving of 29 tracks, featuring recordings with all three sax players - George White, Ernie Tavizon and Joel Willenbring.

Bottom Feeder
Southern Surf
Dawn Patrol
Old Surfer Blues
Jailhouse Rock/One Night
My Prayer
Yakety Yak
What A Wonderful World
Born on the Bayou
Bustin' Surfboards (single mix)
Beyond The Surf (single mix)
The Gremmie - Part 1 (single mix)
The Gremmie - Part 2 (single mix)
Moon Dawg (single mix)
The Inebriated Surfer (single mix)
Shootin' Beavers (Version #1)
Phantom Surfer (single mix)
Shootin' Beavers (Version #2)
Pier Pleasure
Perfect Paradise
Bustin' Surfboards (Live-Remix)
Grunion Run (Live-Remix)
Malaguena (Dark Eyes) (Live)
Folsom Prison Blues (Live)
(Hey Baby) Que Paso? (Live)
Bumble Bee Stomp (live)
The Cruncher


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