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Gonzo Latest News: Gonzo Weekly #276

Date Published: 2nd March 2018

Gonzo Weekly #276
We talk to Erik Norlander about The Dukes of the Orient, his new band with ex  Asia singer John Payne, Doug goes to see Robert Plant, Neil looks at some of the more peculiar Pagan Psychedelia, and Alan checks out The Shape of Water, and Graham talks Hawkwind
Hail Eris!
And there are radio shows from Strange Fruit, AND Mack Maloney, AND Friday Night Progressive, there are columns from all sorts of folk including Neil Nixon, Kev Rowlands, Roy Weard, C J Stone, and Mr Biffo AND the irrepressible Corinna. There is also a collection of more news, reviews, views, interviews and southern dibblers who have gone for a snooze (OK, nothing to do with small marsupials who have probably got hangovers and have decided to have a little rest, but I got carried away with things that rhymed with OOOOS) than you can shake a stick at. And the best part is IT's ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!
This issue features:
Netflix, BoJack Horseman, John Lennon, #200Fish Project, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Quincy Jones, Tony Kaye, Strange Fruit, Friday Night Progressive, Mack Maloney's Mystery Hour, Eddy Amoo, Harriet Fier, Emma Gwynedd Mary Chambers, Barbara Dickson, Jessica Lee Morgan, Rick Wakeman, Billion Dollar Babies, Tangerine Dream, Erik Norlander, John Payne, Dukes of the Orient, Robert Plant, The Shape of Water, Alan Dearling, Neil Arnold, Barbara, Jacula, Mort Garson, Antonius Rex, The Vampires Of Dartmoore, Three Monks, Kev Rowland, Taylor's Universe, Blackmore's Night, My Ticket Home, The Soul Exchange, Soul Drinker, Thaw, Then Comes Silence, This Will Destroy You, TNNE, Mr Biffo, Roy Weard, CJ Stone, Hawkwind, Jon Downes, The Wild Colonial Boy, Martin Springett, Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales: The Flight of The Sherry Fairy, Sherry Carroll, Darkthrone Abba, Pink Floyd, Limp Bizkit, My Chemical Romance, Paul McCartney, Korn, Neil Nixon, Wild Man Fischer
And the last few issues are:
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All issues from #70 can be downloaded at www.gonzoweekly.com if you prefer. If you have problems downloading, just email me and I will add you to the Gonzo Weekly dropbox. The first 69 issues are archived there as well. Information is power chaps, we have to share it!
You can download the magazine in pdf form HERE:
SPECIAL NOTICE: If you, too, want to unleash the power of your inner rock journalist, and want to join a rapidly growing band of likewise minded weirdos please email me at jon@eclipse.co.uk The more the merrier really.

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