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Gonzo Latest News: 07/05/2012 ROBERT CALVERT: New CD

Date Published: 7th May 2012

I am particularly fond of the work of Bob Calvert, and have been ever since I read a veilely biographical story by Michael Moorcock called 'The Opium General'. A month or so back Graham Inglis, Corinna and I oversaw the reissue of his first book of poems. Now it is good to see that we have a CD out...

ROBERT CALVERT joined HAWKWIND in the early seventies and he co-wrote their massive hit ‘Silver Machine’.

After extensive touring with the band and co-writing their biggest hit, ‘Silver Machine,’ he left to begin a solo career, with the concept album ‘Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters’. This live set contains 5 tracks from that classic debut album as well as ‘Spirit of the Age’ which
he wrote and recorded with HAWKWIND when he rejoined in 1977 for their album ‘Quark, Strangeness and Charm’.
Sadly he passed away in 1988 after completing what was to be his final tour.

Tracks: 1. Ned Ludd, , 2. Test Tube Conceived, , 3. Quark,Strangeness and Charm, (Only) , 4. The Dreams of the Cold War Kid, , 5.Telekinesis, , 6.Standing on the Picket Line, , 7. All The Machines are Quiet, , 8. Lord of the Hornets, , 9. Save Them From the Scientists, , 10.Fable of a Failed Race, , 11.Spirit of The Age, , 12.Ship Of Fools, , 13.The Right Stuff, , 14.Catch A Falling Starfighter, , 15.The Song of The Gremlin, , 16.The Aerospace Inferno, , 17.Ejection, , 18.Silver Machine Blues. .

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