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Gonzo Latest News: 06/04/2012 MICHAEL DES BARRES: True Brit

Date Published: 6th April 2012

This arrived this morning, and it immediately rang bells in my subconscious. Where had I heard something about a celebration of British music before. And then it clicked. YESTERDAY. Or rather the wee small hours of the night before last, when I was talking to Michael des Barres in America. (Or rather, he was in America, I was struggling with a recalcitrant telephone and a MP3 recorder in a tumbledown cottage in rural North Devon..

This banner ad is from those jolly nice people at HMV, who (I hope) are not going to get annoyed with me for having hijacked their rather nifty promotional artwork to make a socio-cultural point of my own. But I have noticed this about the music busines; it is one of the most truly Fortean aspects of the whole thing that people from various disparate parts of the industry often seem to follow the same path at the same time for no apparent reason. This year it seems to be Britishness, which is a pretty cool thing to be exploiting.

Michael's new album 'Carnaby Street' is very much following the concept of him re-examining his roots bck in the grooviest era of British music - the mid 60s, when men were men, girls were chicks, and the Hammond organ was king. I am getting intrigued by all this, partly because I am somewhat of a devotee of the morphic resonance theories of a dude called Rupert Sheldrake. If you want to know more about him check out his website: http://www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html

Another interest in this whole affair is that like Michael I am very much into the music of that particular era. I keep on finding lost gems that I had never heard of before, and I think that if I pick Michael's brains enough then I will probably find some more lost gems that I otherwise would not have heard.

But my main interest is that I am seriously impressed by the first track to be posted from the forthcoming album, and my chat with Michael the other night has enthused me even more. It is probably me being OCD, but when I get impressed by something I am like a terrier with a rat, and this new record is making me feel particularly terrier-like.

So, this is probably a good time to repost the rather excellent 'Painkiller'...

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