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Date Published: 28th December 2010


A song written and performed by Merrell Fankhauser, father of the iconic surf song "Wipe Out", has been nominated for a Grammy.

Fankhauser's Tomorrow's Girl is part of a collection of 60s songs released by Rhino Records titled "Where the Action Is: L.A. Nuggets 1965 - 1968".

The collection has been nominated in the Best Historical Album category.

"After 47 years in the music business, this is quite a thrill," Fankhauser said on hearing of the nomination. "It just proves that if you wait around long enough doing the thing you love, good things will happen."

Fankhauser wrote "Wipe Out" in 1961 and recorded it with his group The Impacts in 1962. The album "Wipe Out by The Impacts" was a best seller for Del Fi records. But a rival manager heard The Impacts basic track of the song, changed it around, and recorded it with another group, all without Fankhauser's permission. It took Fankhauser 32 years to get the copyright back.

Fankhauser recorded the Grammy-nominated selection, "Tomorrow's Girl," in 1967 with his band Merrell and The Exiles, and it was later released on his album "Fapardokly." It is now one of the most sought-after 60s albums.

Fankhauser, who recently signed with the British label, Gonzo Records UK, has recorded hundreds of songs over the years and has collaborated with rock luminaries such as Harry Nilsson, Nicky Hopkins, drummers Jim Gordon and Ed Cassidy, singers Dean Torrence and Peter Noone, and the legendary Willie Nelson.

"Merrell's music is timeless," said Gonzo Records President Rob Ayling. "We're very excited about having him on our label."

To commemorate the Grammy nomination, Gonzo Records will release Fankhauser's "Return to Mu" a deluxe CD/DVD set of exotic tropical rock songs, in February 2011. Gonzo also plans to release several more of Fankhauser's CDs in 2011.

"I'm so glad to still be able to do what I do," Fankhauser said. "Recording and playing music is my life. It's an honor to be part of the Grammys and a nice boost of inspiration to keep on going."

Fankhauser lives in central California. Besides recording music, he hosts a TV show called "Tiki Lounge" that can be seen up and down the California central coast and in Hawaii.

The Grammy Award winners will be announced Feb. 13, 2011.

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