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C J Stone - The Empire of Things.
(Book) £14.99

Captain Beefheart - Lunar Notes - Zoot Horn Rollo's Captain Beefheart Experience.
(Book) £9.99

Dan Wooding - King Squealer.
(Book) £9.99

Dan Wooding - Terry Dene: Britain's First Rock and Rebel.
(Book) £9.99

Frank Zappa et al - The Real Porn Wars.
(Book) £12.99

Gregg Kofi Brown - Rock and Roll and UFOs.
(Book) £9.99

Ian Abrahams - Mike Scott and The Waterboys - Strange Boat.
(Book) £9.99

Ian Abrahams and Bridget Wishart - Festivalized.
(Book) £9.99

Liberace - The World of Liberace.
(Book) £12.99

Luca Ferrari - Out of Nowhere: The Uniquely Elusive Jazz of Mike Taylor.
(Book) £9.99

Merrell Fankhauser - Calling From A Star.
(Book) £12.99

Mick Farren - The Time Of Feasting.
(Book) £9.99

Neil And Tom Nixon - 500 Albums You Won't Believe Until You Hear Them.
(Book) £12.99

Neil Nixon - The Beatles: Myths and Legends .
(Book) £9.99

Peter McAdam - The Nine Henrys.
(Book) £8.99

Rick Wakeman - Caped Crusader- Rick Wakeman in the 1970s.
(Book) £14.99

Robert Calvert - Hype.
(Book) £9.99

Roy Weard - The Way To(o) Weard.
(Book) £14.99

Tony Palmer - Born Under A Bad Sign.
(Book) £12.99

Trials of Oz, The - The Trials of Oz.
(Book) £12.99

Various - The Gonzo Annual 2015.
(Book) £12.99

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Artists on Gonzo Media

C J Stone
Captain Beefheart
Dan Wooding
Frank Zappa et al
Gregg Kofi Brown
Ian Abrahams
Ian Abrahams and Bridget Wishart
Luca Ferrari
Merrell Fankhauser
Mick Farren
Neil And Tom Nixon
Neil Nixon
Peter McAdam
Rick Wakeman
Robert Calvert
Roy Weard
Tony Palmer
Trials of Oz, The

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