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21st Century Schizoid Band - Live In Japan (DVD) £12.99

As the name implies there is a strong connection with that most cherished of progressive rock bands - King Crimson. 21st Schizoid was formed by former members of King Crimson in 2002 with the aim t...
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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - An Evening of Yes (DVD) £9.99

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe was made up of four fifths of the  classic Yes line-up of the seventies.  Put together by Jon Anderson who wanted to get back to the musical ideals ...
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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Live at the NEC Deluxe Edition (3 Disc) (2CD1DVD) £19.99

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Andre Previn - The Kindness of Strangers (DVD) £9.99

"André Previn at 80! It scarcely seems credible. This is the man who won 4 Oscars almost 50 years ago, and still maintains a full conducting, playing and composing schedule, each disci...
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Andy Colquhoun - String Theory (DVD/CD) £9.99

Andy Colquhoun is a guitarist with a peerless pedigree. He first came to the notice of the music press when in 1977 his band Warsaw Pakt recorded an album (Needle Time) that was in the sho...
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Atkins May Project - Empire of Destruction (CD/DVD) £9.99

Al Atkins is best known for forming UK’s Judas Priest and fronting them for four years, and laying down the foundations that would see them eventually selling 40 million albums worldwide. He ...
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Atomic Rooster - The Lost Broadcasts (DVD) £9.99

The Lost Broadcasts are a series of DVDs featuring performances that have rarely been seen since the original transmission on German television, in some cases more than forty years ago. Some of ...
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Baker Gurvitz Army - Live (DVD) £9.99

The Baker Gurvitz Army came into existence when former Gun and Three Man Army members Paul and Adrian Gurvitz joined forces with legendary drummer Ginger Baker in 1974. The ...
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Barbara Dickson - Che Faro (DVD) £12.99

A chance to hear Barbara Dickson singing classical music in a superb television special from 1986 where, mixed with some of her best-known material, she tackles the classical repertoire with style ...
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Barbara Dickson - Into The Light (DVD) £12.99

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Benjamin Britten - Burning Fiery Furnace (DVD) £12.99

In January 1956, on a visit to Tokyo, Britten saw a Nô-drama for the first time. In fact, he saw two different performances of the same play – Sumidagaw...
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Benjamin Britten - Death in Venice (DVD) £12.99

Death in Venice was to be Britten's last full-length opera, first performed at Snape Concert Hall on June 16, 1973. Britten was already ill, suffering from a botched heart operation, and ...
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Benjamin Britten - Benjamin Britten and His Festival (DVD) £12.99

A behind-the-scenes look at the Aldeburgh Festival and the opening by The Queen of the new concert hall at Snape. "A superb film (which) may well achieve the status of a classic, repeated a...
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Benjamin Britten - Nocturne (DVD) £12.99

Nocturne: Tony Palmer's 100th Anniversary Film about Britten The centenary of Benjamin Britten is marked with a new study by the multi-award-winning director  Tony Palmer...
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Benjamin Britten - A Time There Was (DVD) £12.99

There are always dates that resonate forever in our lives – “I remember exactly what I was doing when….”; or even “I was there……” The death of Ke...
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Benjamin Schmid - The Adventures of Benjamin Schmid (DVD) £12.99

Benjamin Schmid has performed with all the world’s important orchestras, in Europe, Russia & the United States. A pupil of Stéphane Grappelli & Menuhin, with whom he made his p...
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Berlioz - I, Berlioz (DVD) £9.99

Berlioz died in 1869, broken by the failure to get his masterpiece, on which he had laboured for thirty years, performed.  It was not staged complete until twenty-one years after his death. ...
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Bill Bruford - Bruford And The Beat (DVD) £9.99

The material contained on this DVD was filmed in New York City and New Haven, Connecticut, USA, in February and March 1982. As with so many things to do with Bruford, he was amongst the first to of...
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Bill Bruford - Sampler And Interview (DVD) £9.99

Bill Bruford is perhaps best known for his work with British bands Yes and King Crimson. In his time he has also performed with Genesis and UK. He has also led h...
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Bill Bruford and Michiel Borstlap - In Concert In Holland (DVD) £9.99

This 90-minute DVD was filmed in two locations in Holland and brings together two of the leading lights in modern improvised music, the virtuoso Dutch pianist Michiel Borstlap, and British d...
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