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Anderson / Wakeman - The Living Tree - Live (CD) £9.99

Despite both Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman having extensive successful solo careers stretching back to the mid-seventies both men will probably forever be associated with the classic line -up of B...
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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe (2CD) £10.99

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, as the name suggests, is a collection of musicians who were important enough to warrant their name over the shop front. In this instance all four musicians were membe...
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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Live At The NEC (2CD) £10.99

The story begins back in the halycon days of 1968 when Jon Anderson; the singer with a band called The Warriors, a Beatles-inspired beat combo who had recorded a couple of singles...
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Andy Colquhoun - String Theory (DVD/CD) £7.99

Andy Colquhoun is a guitarist with a peerless pedigree. He first came to the notice of the music press when in 1977 his band Warsaw Pakt recorded an album (Needle Time) that was in the sho...
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Andy Colquhoun - Pick Up The Phone America! (CD) £7.99

Andy Colquhoun is a guitarist with a peerless pedigree. He first came to the notice of the music press when in 1977 his band Warsaw Pakt recorded an album (Needle Time) that was in the sho...
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Clearlight - Clearlight Visions (CD) £7.99

This is one of those exquisite records that somehow slipped through the gaps of public consciousness at the time. But now its back, and you have the chance to revel in a warm bath of psychedelic we...
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Clepsydra - Hologram (CD) £9.99

Clepsydra is a Swiss neo-progressive band that was formed in 1990 by Aluisio Maggini (vocals), Lele Hofmann (guitars), Philip Hubert (keyboards), Andy Thommen (bass) and Pietro Duca (drums). ...
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Cris Roversi - AntiQua (CD) £9.99

Cristiano Roversi is an Italian musician, composer and producer. Keyboard and organ player, virtuoso bass- and Chapman-Grand-Stick-player, and in 1994, founder member of the new progressive band ...
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Daevid Allen and Kramer - Hit Men / Who's Afraid? (2CD) £7.99

Whichever way you look at it, Daevid Allen is one of the most interesting and enigmatic characters in modern music. An Australian, he was working in a Melbourne book shop when he discovered the wri...
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Enneade - Teardrops in Morning Dew (CD) £7.99

ENNEADE are Progressive Metal band from Lyon, France, formed in 1995.The group initially recorded and self-released three demos: Shades of Death (1996), King of Silver (1998) and Tunis A...
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Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - The Lost Broadcast: The Beat Club '68 (Full Show) (DVD) £10.99

This DVD contains a filmed rehearsal of Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention at the legendary Beat Club in Bremen, Germany, on 6...
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Galahad - Beyond The Realms of Euphoria (CD) £9.99

‘Beyond the Realms of Euphoria’ is the second new studio album to be released this year from established English progressive rock band Galahad . Recorded, engineered and mixed by Karl G...
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Galahad - Seize The Day (CD) £7.99

Following on from the release of two critically acclaimed full length albums in 2012 (Battle Scars and Beyond the Realms of Euphoria), Galahad are back again with an EP  ‘Seize the Day&r...
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Godsticks - Spiral Vendetta (CD) £9.99

Welsh band Godsticks, self-styled purveyors of progressive rock/pop, have released their much anticipated debut album Spiral Vendetta. Following the release of their highly acclai...
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GPS - Two Seasons:Live In Japan Vol One (2CD1DVD) £10.99

In 2006 GPS stunned audiences with their debut album Window To The Soul. In 2007 GPS toured the UK and Japan to great acclaim. Presented here are 2 full concerts from the Japan...
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GPS - Two Seasons Live in Japan Volume Two (2CD1DVD) £10.99

GPS is a progressive rock group formed in 2006 by John Payne (vocals, bass, guitar), Guthrie Govan (guitars) and Jay Schellen (drums, percussion). These three had been working together i...
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Gran Torino - Grantorino Prog (CD) £7.99

Gran Torino is a band of four Italian gentlemen who in the past enjoyed playing the classic masters of rock and hard rock, such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and the...
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Hopper and Kramer - A Remark Hugh Made (CD) £7.99

Hugh Hooper, who died of leukaemia in 2009, started his musical career in 1963 as the bass player with the Daevid Allen Trio alongside drummer Robert Wyatt. There can be few other free jaz...
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Hugh Hopper - Volume 6: Special Friends (SCD) £7.99

This is the sixth of a ten part series compiled by Michael King, a Canadian Hugh Hopper Scholar. He writes: “My f...
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Hugh Hopper - Volume 7: Soft Boundaries (CD) £7.99

This ten part series was compiled by the late Michael King, a Canadian Hugh Hopper Scholar. He wrote: “My first encounter with the music of Hugh Colin Hopper backdates to the summer of 1976. ...
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