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This was one of those occasions of which it can truly be said: those who were there, will never forget it.  November 26th,1968, at the Royal Albert Hall – it only seems like yesterday.  And having looked at the film again, the concert really does seem as fresh and as pulsating as it was then.  First, the musicians themselves. They above all others blew apart the myth that rock ‘n’ roll was music for the simple-minded, by the simple-minded.  Maybe Dylan and Lennon had showed that lyrics could encompass subtle philosophical and poetic ideas.  But it was Baker, Bruce and Clapton who demonstrated that harmonically and structurally what was dismissed as rock’n’roll could be every bit as complex as any contemporary, so-called classical, music. Each musician had a deep respect for the other two, although on the surface envy, even hatred, drove them on. None was prepared to be outshone by the other two, and this intense rivalry gave their music-making a thrilling edge. It was dangerous and explosive and it jangled the nerves.


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