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Billy James, an author of rock biographies and a musician in his own right, reassembled great musicians from the psychedelic era in his own Ant-Bee project. Featuring contributions from The Mot...

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Ant-Bee Biography

Billy James is an author of rock biographies and a musician in his own right. As Ant-Bee he has reassembled great musicians from the psychedelic era. Featuring contributions from The Mothers of Invention, the Alice Cooper group and members from Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, amongst others, Ant-Bee has recorded several albums of material that bring together the styles of several branches of late-60s experimental rock music. He has made the editing of tapes an art form in itself, and utilises the decay of analogue recordings in a unique fashion. There truly is no-one else like Ant-Bee.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Ant-Bee began in 1987 in Los Angeles as a venue for James to showcase his musical affinity to the psychedelic and experimental music of the late '60s. Signing to Voxx/Bomp! Records in 1988, Ant-Bee released Pure Electric Honey, which featured guest appearances by former members of The Mothers of Invention and Captain Beefheart. Sounding like a cross between the Smile-era of The Beach Boys, early Pink Floyd, and late-period Beatles, the record became well known in the underground scene in Europe. Assembling a live band, Ant-Bee performed in the Los Angeles area in 1990 to much acclaim. While the band recorded a couple of videos, the next recorded material Ant-Bee would release was a German EP, 1992s With My Favorite "Mothers" and other Bizarre Muzik. Reassembling the original Mothers of Invention for the first time in over 20 years, James and company performed material that was both humorous and spaced-out. James recorded with The Mothers of Invention once again on the second Ant-Bee record.  With My Favorite Vegetables & Other Bizarre Muzik (1994), received strong press and sold quite well. Three years in the making, Lunar Muzik (1997), explored both the pop and experimental side of the psychedelic spectrum and was bolstered by strong production and appearances from Daevid Allen of Soft Machine and Gong, and Harvey Bainbridge of Hawkwind and members of the original Alice Cooper group.

The latest album Electronic Church Musik continues the Ant-Bee journey into the unknown, with what is quite possibly the strangest but also the most psychically comforting music many of us have heard for a long time.

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