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13th Floor Elevators - The Reunion Concert (SCD) £7.99

The 13th floor elevators are one of the classic American psychedelic bands fronted by the eccentric (some would say clinically insane) Rocky Erickson, who has often been as reclusive as he is brill...
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Alexis Korner - Live in Paris (CD) £7.99

Korner working acoustically in the company of another guitarist (who plays electric) and bassist in Paris in 1993. The crowd is largely folkie restrained as Korner delivers ...
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Alexis Korner - Testament (CD) £7.99

Often described as the father of British blues, I think it is fair to say that without this man bands like the rolling stones and Led zeppelin quite simply would not have existed. Check out this re...
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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - An Evening of Yes (CD) £7.99

The year was 1989 when former Yes-men Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe, longing to rekindle the magic that defined Yes music in the '70s, joined forces ...
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Annie Haslam - Dawn Of Ananda . (CD) £7.99

Annie Haslam began her singing career in earnest whilst at university when she got up and performed a version of Those Were The Days at a local pub. Annie later joined a cabaret band called The Ge...
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Ant-Bee - With My Favourite Vegetables (CD) £7.99

These days there are many artists who work through the intensely 21st Century modus operandi of file swapping. But Ant-Bee, aka Billy James was doing it over a decade before it became de rigeur. Bi...
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Ant-Bee - Lunar Musik (CD) £7.99

Lunar Muzik is the third album by Ant-Bee, originally released in 1997 through Divine Records. In 1998 Aural Innovations magazine had this to say about the album: "Did you ever lie awake at night s...
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Arco Duo - In Space Rock (CD) £9.99

There is currently no description for this product.
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Arthur Brown - Live in Bristol 28th Oct 2002 (CD) £9.99

When the God of Hellfire returned to the stage in the United Kingdom after a strange anabasis in Texas when, together with Jimmy Carl Black (the Indian in the Mothers) he was painting houses for a ...
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Atkins May Project - Empire of Destruction (CD/DVD) £7.99

Al Atkins is best known for forming UK’s Judas Priest and fronting them for four years, and laying down the foundations that would see them eventually selling 40 million albums worldwide. He ...
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Atkins May Project - Anthology (CD) £9.99

For the last four years the rock world has been buzzing with proof that good and evil can in fact work together in the form of former Judas Priest...
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Atkins May Project - Valley of Shadows/The Serpents Kiss (2CD) £9.99

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Featuring Atkins May Project "Valley of Shadows" and "The Serpents Kiss". Atkins/Ma...
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Attrition - Something Stirs/Eternity (2CD) £9.99

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Features Attrition's "Something Stirs" and "Eternity"...
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Attrition - Ephemera/Action & Reaction (2CD) £9.99

Ephemera - "This is a seriously listenable, cutting-edge industrial masterpiece."            ...
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Attrition - The Hand That Feeds/A Tricky Business (2CD) £9.99

The Hand That Feeds - Including exclusive mixes of ATTRITION classics from some of the biggest names in the industrial scene such as Chris n' Cosey, In The Nursery, Stromkern, Danc...
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Attrition - Smiling at the Hypergonder/Fiftieth Gate (2CD) £9.99

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Featuring Attrition’s "Smiling at the Hypogonder" and "Fiftieth Gate".  SMILIN...
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Auburn - Nashville (CD) £9.99

Auburn’s ‘Nashville’ to be released January 27th on Scarlet Records with tour dates supporting Jefferson Starship ...
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Aviator - Turbulence (CD) £7.99

Jack Lancaster had already made a name for himself playing with Mick Abrahams in Blodwyn Pig and on several collaborative projects with  Robin Lumley including the stellar rewrite of Peter and...
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Badfinger - Say No More (CD) £9.99

Poor Badfinger; if ever there was a pop group “born under a bad sign” it was them. Things started off quite auspiciously. As The Iveys they signed to The Beatles&r...
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Baker Gurvitz Army - Live (DVD) £7.99

The Baker Gurvitz Army came into existence when former Gun and Three Man Army members Paul and Adrian Gurvitz joined forces with legendary drummer Ginger Baker in 1974. The ...
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