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Edgar Broughton Band

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Edgar Broughton Band Biography

The Edgar Broughton Band was formed in Warwick in 1968 under the original name of The Edgar Broughton Blues Band. The band moved to London and was signed by the emerging Blackhill Enterprises management team, who secured a recording contract with EMI’s progressive label, Harvest.   In June 1969, the band released a first single, entitled ‘Evil’ which also happened to be the first single released on the Harvest label.

The debut album ‘Wasa Wasa’, followed in July 1969. The band achieved notoriety, not to mention police interest at the time, by performing a series of “Free Concerts” with some from the back of a truck. The Edgar Broughton Band attained a suitably large cult following and enjoyed widespread popularity across the U.K.  and Europe.  There was also commercial success at this time, with albums released on the Harvest label such as, ‘Sing Brother Song’, ‘The Edgar Broughton Band’, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Oora’.   In addition to the albums, the band also released a number of singles with two of these, ‘Out Demons Out’ and ‘Apache Drop Out’ , achieving chart success.

Following ‘Oora’ in 1973, the band signed to the NEMS record label and released the album ‘Bandages’ in 1975.  Due to legal problems The Edgar Broughton Band was placed on ice for four years whilst this was sorted, returning in 1979, as The Broughtons.  The Broughtons released ‘Parlez-Vous English’, for the Infinity label and also managed to secure a number of high profile tours, including one with former Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan. There followed another lengthy interval which was broken through the eighties and nineties by infrequent bouts of touring and an album entitled ‘Superchip’ in 1982. The band returned to full active touring duty with the re-release of their back catalogue in 2006.  Led by founder Edgar Broughton, supported by fellow founder members Steve Broughton and Arthur Grant with latest member Luke Grant, the band continues to this day.


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